Atlantis Larimar Pendant

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Handcrafted Goddess with long trailing hair entwined with Seashells, Turquoise, Paua Shell, Pearls, Swarovski Jewels and an Apophyllite Crown, cradling a large Larimar cabochon.

Often in my dreams and meditations I return to Atlantis, that island city that seems so familiar to me and has done so all my life. I remember past lives lived there and I know that many of you share these feeling with me.

Beautiful Larimar is an extremely rare gemstone that is only found in one place in the world, a small island in the Caribbean. It is sometimes called the Atlantis Stone, and is a calm healing Crystal that carries the energy of the Ocean, Dolphin magic and Atlantis.

Wearing Larimar creates a portal, a link to past lives, and a conduit for receiving ancient wisdom and knowledge. For a Healer, a Mystic, Seer or Prophet, this knowledge can be invaluable, creating an awareness of ancient ways to deal with modern problems and utilising the wisdom of the Ancients to raise the consciousness of humanity as we tread the path to Ascension. 

Pendant:  6.5 x 3.5cm

Chain & Clasp:  50cm

I can change the chain length if you would prefer it longer or shorter, just email me at